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Interior Design With a Strong Focus on Historical Homes


Specializing in era-appropriate design and decor for Victorian, Century and Mid Century homes. Start to finish interior design services from drawings, renderings, floor plans, consults with all suppliers and trades, and after-project follow up.


Professional Sketchup drawings of your space to scale.  Professional high quality 3D renderings so you can picture it before you commit to the changes.


Professional highly skilled and trained contractor to advise on any structural changes that I propose, or any proposed custom changes to areas we explore - thus eliminating headaches and amendments down the road.


Expert colour consulting, accessorizing, and product sourcing while adhering to your budget.


Thorough knowledge of kitchen and bath redesign, floor planning, and space customization.

Professional Renderings

Small Space DIY Help

Full Interior Design Services including Kitchen and Bathroom

My Design Philosophy

Living Space DIY help.  Perfect for your living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. 

A large part of my focus on renovations and redesigns has become observing the history of the home and undertaking age appropriate work.   I have worked on homes of many eras, from Victorian to Mid Century, and I believe in nurturing the design style of the home and preservation of fixtures, woodwork, flooring or any era-appropriate features whenever possible. It is imperative to stay true to the era and design of the home with conscious renovation work. 


 I believe in cost effective design.  I am excellent at sourcing items - no matter how rare or unusual.  I also have a healthy respect for repurposing, vintage items, and artwork in all design.


Design is ever evolving, but the foundations stay the same.  While it is important to respect the foundation, and build on it, the art form that is evident in excellent design is openly conveying your aesthetic, your style, and even your sense of humor.  I believe that it is my job to help you combine all of these personal aspects to create the most beautiful, artful and original conveyance of all of these things.

From start to finish, I do the legwork and the design work, including working with trades.

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