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Why It’s Okay Not To Follow Design Trends

Consume, consume, consume. I don't love that concept. At all.

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Over the years, trends in interior design have been prevalent, with several homeowners striving to keep up with the newest designs. However, with the constant change and emergence of new designs, it can be challenging to keep up, and I honestly ask… is it ok to ignore trends in interior design?

Plainly put, ignoring trends in interior design allows you to personalize your home based on your own unique taste and preferences. By following trends blindly, I feel like you risk losing your individuality and end up with a generic living space, as opposed to a customized one that reflects your personality. From selecting colours  to furniture, ignoring trends allows you to create your own unique style that is entirely personal to you.  We love that!

Stepping away from trends in interior design  also promotes longevity and sustainability. Trends come and go, and it is not usually financially feasible to keep up with them all. By ignoring trends, you can select timeless designs and materials that can withstand the test of time, avoiding the need for a constant overhaul of your living space. Adopting a timeless approach in interior design ensures sustainability, reducing the environmental impact of constant remodeling. We love this, too.

Ignoring trends in interior design allows for budget-friendly interior decor options. Trends can be expensive and require constant updates, which may not be feasible for homeowners operating on a budget. You can achieve a beautiful living space without breaking the bank by selecting classic designs that are not subject to the changing trends.

You know, I actually believe that ignoring trends in interior design promotes harmony in your design, and reduces stress for you. Keeping up with trends can be stressful and requires constant updates, which may add pressure and added expense to homeowners. However, by ignoring trends, homeowners can create a relaxed and comfortable living space that promotes harmony and peace of mind, hence increasing their overall well-being.

While being up-to-date with trends in interior design can seem like the “norm”, it’s perfectly acceptable to ignore them. When you are brave enough to do that, you can create a personalized living space that reflects your personality, promotes sustainability and longevity, promotes harmony, and is budget-friendly. Embrace your individuality and concentrate on creating unique living spaces that are both aesthetically appealing and functional for YOU!

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Mar 28, 2023

I've always felt that if you're planning on living in the space for many years, individual tastes should prevail. The downside of living in a 'temporary' house is that generic sells.

Mar 28, 2023
Replying to

If you plan to flip a home, or have a temporary space, there’s no need to not have fun with trends. Trends certainly help sell a space in a hot market. although, I do love traditional decor when I see a staged home as well.

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