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Sustainable, Fearless Decor

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

For a long time, I needed to be budget conscious. I needed to buy things second hand, because I was not in a position to afford brand new beautiful things. In a way, I'm glad that that happened. It began a 25(ish) year long journey of education, trying new things, and combining items with bravery and skill.

My personal style is more than just that. It is a staple for smart, skillful design and decorating.

We are currently stockpiling all of our building materials and decor items for our new bathroom here at Little Black Creek House. We have purchased all of the tile, the bathtub (circa early 1900's cast iron clawfoot), the vanity is built and sitting in my office (it's next to the bathroom), and I have begun to gather together the decor items we plan to use as well.

Our countertops will be reclaimed hickory that was sourced out of a now torn-down barn in Tweed, Ontario. Chris will plane them, I will refinish them and he will install them. The bathtub came out of a turn of the century duplex that is being gutted in Fort Erie. I am personally super excited for the bath tub. There's nothing quite like soaking in a deep, iron tub as they hold the heat of the water so beautifully.

I always feel like I have saved so much money while sourcing my vintage finds, and then I find a way to "splurge"; sometimes to draw it all together, sometimes to add some contrast. This time was no exception. I sourced an amazing light fixture from a super friendly company in New Orleans called Sazerac Stitches. I asked to custom order our vanity light fixture, and they were more than happy to do that for me.

The floor tile is an "antiqued" look, as we really are trying to instill any character back into this home. Even the bathroom door will be replaced with an antique five panel solid wood door that we will be painting our deep charcoal but not quite black Raccoon Fur by Benjamin Moore.

Here is a look at a repurposed door we have already installed in one of our rooms that includes salvaged backplates, salvaged knobs, already painted in Raccoon Fur:

Repurposed Door and Hardware
Repurposed Door

The walls will be China White by our friend Benjamin Moore - I'm toying with a 3/4 formula for this, but we shall see! As for wet area walls? Matte white subway tile with off white grout (I think). I'm loving on herringbone tile, but it may just be better suited to put traditional brick pattern in there.

Chris, my amazing significant other, custom built the vanity and really went the extra mile on the chamfered doors. The hardware is from Lee Valley and I'm swooning over the patina.

ANDDDDDD Here is a look at what I have planned for the main bathroom:

Vintage and Modern Design
Vintage Meets Modern

I really can't wait to show you the "afters" of this bathroom. The room is in such a sorry state and it isn't being used to its fullest potential. (That's where this custom vanity comes in!)

Stay tuned!



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