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Spring Cleaning -

The clocks went ahead this weekend! We all lost an hour of sleep! (Just kidding, we just lounged in bed because it was a Sunday morning.)

Spring ahead means Spring Cleaning! Spring Cleaning is a great practice for a few reasons. I personally love the feel of "lightening the load" of things that we have around the home.

1.) First and foremost, grab yourself a caddy to carry all of your cleaning supplies in. That way, you're not running around looking for the right tools for the job as you move from room to room. Bring one thing with you that has everything you need right inside of it. Then, when you're finished your deep clean, put the caddy away. Everything goes away in one place. Neat and tidy!

My favorite thing to do while cleaning? Open a window or two. If it's cold out (I'm looking at us, Canada) then just crack a couple and get a nice cross breeze going. You'll love how fresh the house is when you finish.

2.) Take this opportunity to use organizational tools that you may not have used before. Lazy Susan inside of your fridge? YES. You can rotate your condiments and see them all, instead of forgetting that you have that amazing gourmet Dijon with horseradish. Throw a Lazy Susan in your spice cabinet, too. You won't believe how handy these things are! Once you put these things in place, you'll continue to use them for organization and you'll be so glad you took the time to make them part of your storage.

3.) DE STASH! Get rid of anything that you haven't used or worn in the past year. This is your annual clearout and this is your chance to make big heaping piles of donate-able items to bring to your favorite local charities or thrift shops. I personally love donating to Value Village, because I take my 20% off coupon that they give you, and I march right into the store and buy a bunch more staging items, unique vintage decor, and yes... more clothes. Don't come for me, I enjoy Value Village and they employ a lot of people. Donate to whomever YOU like, and get rid of your stuff!

4.) Do you have a ton of socks that no longer have a match? One got a hole and one didn't? USE these guys. Keep a small bag or basket of your stray socks in your laundry room, and reuse them as dusting mitts. Another good use? Have you ever tried to paint spindles or intricate decor pieces? Throw on a rubber glove, slip your hand inside of your stray sock, and dip your palm into your paint tray, and wrap your painted hand around the spindle you're trying to paint. You're welcome.

5.) Trade out your pet beds and blankets. Once a year, it's fun to give your pets their own refresh. You can change them to your new decor style, or just simply grab some new ones. Yeah, you can wash some of the covers, but dog/cat farts get trapped inside of the foam/inserts and well, why not de-stink your pet's bed for them?

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