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Some of My Favorite Instagram Artists

I haven't even begun to hang up artwork at Little Black Creek House. We have so much to do, trim to replace, holes to patch... and we have barely even begun to scratch the surface. I think I have a mirror, a "no trespassing" sign, and one framed image of a creepy witchy female hung up so far. However, that hasn't stopped my accumulation of some art pieces, and coveting far more.

One of the artists I follow, and whose art I am smitten with, is Cory Baldwin - (@we_ran_the_night on Instagram). When I tell you that I can literally hear the cicadas singing in the late summers of my childhood years, I mean it. His work feels so nostalgic, and he doesn't even know me. There is such a beautiful tranquil "dusk" feel in his work, where I can feel my skin cooling as I head home from Sherry and Jason's house down the street.

Every interaction I have had with Cory proves him to be humble and polite to a fault. Such a great person to ever interact with. Please do check out his portfolio and give him a follow!


How can I profess to love a monochromatic, vintage filled home without contrast? I found Tara Smith's work on Instagram (@tarasmithartist), and purchased a small print prior to moving to Niagara. Since then, I have followed Tara's art , accumulated a bit more, learned that she's also a talented photographer, and have even had a fun day out thrifting with her (she goes hard!) She is truly fantastic with such a wonderful outlook on things, she is a lover of brave and bold, and she definitely says it how it NEEDS to be said. Don't believe me? Have a look below:

Like art, good design calls for contrast. Recently, Tara has been painting abstract pieces within vintage frames, and her creative gutsy work is a perfect addition to literally any room you hang it in. Go show her some love.


I only recently found Christopher Reilly on Instagram. I was immediately drawn to the energy of the images, and honestly? His story and profile. I love the use of both black and white and colour in his images, and his chaotic energy that he exudes. Christopher is a mental health nurse at a time when they are so very much needed, and I can't help but think that his outlet being his art is benefiting art lovers tremendously.

Follow along with Christopher to keep up with his art, and also? Sometimes a cat makes a cameo.


dooublevision has this neat and tidy aesthetic. Clean and precise lines and amazing talent for capturing things in a way that is so charming. I have to tell this quick funny story. I found a print Julie created of an iconic old store sign in South Windsor (where I grew up) and I needed to have it. I mentioned it in passing to Chris, and set off to order one for myself. Chris then also ordered me one to surprise me with it for Christmas. Having two, I gifted one to my father in law who was also born in Windsor and lived there until he was in his early teens. Anyways, I digress. The artwork from this page is so fun, and the fact that Julie is an artist AND a horticulturalist means that there is a wide variety of art to be found.

Julie is witty and funny any time you interact with her, and her art is diverse and fantastic. Give her a follow to see what she comes up with next.


Have a look at this piece by Jb! I met her as a hard working owner of a very highly rated interior/exterior painting company, and only through chatting (and laughing my ass off at her) did I learn that she's an accomplished artist as well! Her paintings evoke this fun energy that she possesses, and they just have a great presence as colorful art.

Always grinding, Jb is a multi talented gal, and she's also just a great person to ever interact with. She's positive, and super fun, and she's a hard worker. Follow along!

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