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Small Budget? No Problem!

Redecorating your home can be a fun and exciting experience, but if I’m guessing, one of the reasons it isn’t done more frequently is because it’s overwhelming and can be expensive.  But with the right tips, redecorating your home on a small budget is easily possible. Keep reading!

Tip 1: Paint and Decor

Painting your walls can give any room a fresh new look. Consider adding a statement wall to create an accent point in your room. ACCENT WALLS ARE NOT “OUT”. If you want one, GO FOR IT.  Also, adding curtains, throw pillows, and area rugs can also enhance your decor. On websites like Wayfair and even Amazon (see my former posts about great finds under 100.00) you can find affordable accent pieces, curtains, and decorative throw pillows to give your room a pop of color.

Tip 2: Upcycle and DIY - MY FAVE

Upcycling can breathe new life into old furniture pieces. You can create a shabby chic or bohemian look with DIY projects that include refurbishing wood furniture, painting mason jars, or creating a gallery wall using thrifted frames. These ideas are affordable and can create an eclectic vibe.  Have a look through my Instagram page… you’ll see plenty of examples.

Tip 3: Use Natural Lighting

Natural lighting can make your home look more spacious and livelier. Utilize natural lighting by hanging sheer curtains or remove heavy window treatments to increase the amount of natural light that comes into your home. Let the sunlight in to create a bright and fresh-looking home. I am personally a huge fan of sheers.

Tip 4: Add Plants

Adding greenery to your living space not only helps improve air quality but also adds an organic element to your decor. Look for low maintenance plants such as snake plants and ZZ plants and let them add a pop of color to any area.  Be sure to visit The Green House Floral Bar if you’re in the area, and Lauren will point you in the right direction.

Hope these tips help!

Redecorating your home on a small budget doesn't have to be difficult. By using these tips, you can create a new look for your home without breaking the bank. Adding new decor, upcycling old furnishings, utilizing natural lighting, and incorporating plants are simple ways to enhance any living space. With the right planning and execution, homeowners can successfully redecorate their home at a reasonable cost.



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