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How do I create a welcoming space now that we're visiting each other again?

I had a client recently reach out to ask me this, and it's such a great question. "I'm starting to have larger family dinners again, and I am updating my space... where should I start and what should I look for?"

(If you want your home to look like a model home, please stop reading, this isn't for you.) I find that vintage lovers, and repurposing fanatics tend to pop in here, so let's just address that.

Comfort before staging.

Listen, if you do a lot of entertaining, why do you want furniture that just looks nice, but feels awful to sit on? The short answer is, you don't. You want to ensure that not only you, but your guests, are comfortable, feeling welcomed to stay and chat just a little bit longer. The arm of the sofa wants to be leaned on. The throw pillows should not be scratchy.

When creating your own style, you want to consider these things, absolutely. Do you love having throw blankets? Keep them in an interesting old cracked crock pot that you love. I have a large floor cushion stuffed inside of a huge brass and cast iron bucket.

Find a gorgeous lush old brown leather sofa that has just the right amount of experience. Brown is a perfect neutral to work with and build an entire room around. Add some cream throw blankets made from different knits and materials. Your colours can come into play when adding amazing and interesting artwork that you've found in your travels.

If you're building a room, start with excellent foundation pieces. If you're patient, you'll find them popping up on Marketplace all the time. My advice? Be patient!

Next, you'll want to add in some supplemental seating. Maybe your bff doesn't want to sit right next to you, but across from you. Armchairs are practical, and can also be very comfortable. Just again, consider how you want to use your room, and how long you want someone to lounge. A chair like the one below isn't conducive to sitting sideways or lounging in while having a mimosa or two. Consider chairs with padded arms for your comfy spot. If you want your company to feel relaxed, soft surfaces always win.

This is more like what you want to have a guest sit in...

Deep, nice high back, soft and welcoming arms that can be leaned on (or curled up against). If you have pets and/or littles, consider a deeper colour or a slight pattern. Scotch guard, too.


Everyone wants a place to put their drink down, or to rest their plate in between bites. End tables and a nice sized coffee table are just what you need. I have personally used all kinds of things as end tables. One of my favorites was a 100 year old shipping crate with all kinds of town names stenciled on it. Whatever you do, just make sure you have a place for your guests to put their drinks and phones down!

As for a coffee table? My coffee table has been my steady table for over a decade through many types of decor. It is actually an old farmhouse table that I stripped the top of, and cut the legs off of! I have been in love with it for so long. What's also nice is that it's a great size for magazines, candles, and we even sit on the floor and sometimes eat dinner at it!

Again, have patience. If you love a vintage and lived in look that is comfortable, welcoming and perfectly "you", then be patient and be creative! Your dream pieces will come along.

Don't forget to anchor your space.

For many reasons, you should consider an area rug to anchor your space. I have another blog post here with lots of tips and things to consider when looking into a rug to pull your space together.

Don't forget that I'm on instagram here updating our journey with our Little Black Creek House and my efforts to reintroduce sustainable decor and character back into our little disastrous project!

Thanks for stopping by!

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1 Comment

Apr 27, 2022

Great post - lots of concrete, practical ideas. And although comfort is #1, there are times that aesthetics trump it - one day...I'll have a tufted chesterfield! ;)

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