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Five No-Fail Vintage or Antique Pieces to Invest In.

To add visual interest to your home, be sure to add vintage and antique elements to your decor. Here's how!

It's always important to remember that if you're decorating your home, visual interest is gained when you use contrast and when you add the unexpected into your decor. I'm including five suggestions for items that you may not consider using from the vintage or antique era of design, but give them a second thought.

As a Niagara-based interior designer, it is not at all difficult for me to find and source vintage and antique items, and I can help you, too. You can also read my blog post here on for some helpful tips on what to look for.


If you love it, and it’s an original, buy it. Art never steers you wrong. Whether it’s a pencil sketch, an acrylic or oil, or even quilting or hand carving, you’ve hit the lottery with your purchase and you’ll have a lifetime of enjoyment displaying your find.


Solid metal, solid wood, artistic, floor standing, tabletop, sconces; the sky is the limit. As long as the electrical is intact and working, a substantial vintage or antique lamp will give any room just the right amount of boost and interest without being overwhelming. Further? It’s a necessary piece in most rooms. Especially your living rooms and bedrooms.

An Accessory Chair

Yes. Finding one sturdy and beautiful chair that has either intact original upholstery, or well done updated upholstery gives your space a fresh and interesting feel without overwhelming your room with the Grama’s Parlor vibes. One key vintage armchair sprinkled into your modern sectional sofa’s domain makes for an excellent bit of contrast. (Featuring my recently reupholstered Yeti chair)

Area rugs.

Purely said, vintage/antique rugs are simply an amazing piece of art that you feature in your room. They’re deceptively hardy, shockingly handy when made from natural materials, and they’re gorgeous. Hundreds of hours go into making handmade rugs, and they anchor your space and create your foundation of decor. You can read more about rugs in my blog post here.


Yes of course you want to have a nice set of silverware and plates and amazing kitchen appliances… but can I TELL you how nice a vintage nutmeg grinder is? Or maybe a couple of nice pieces of Pyrex? Cast iron pans, bake ware, you just cannot go wrong. There are reasons that vintage and antique kitchen items are still around. It’s because they were quality and built to last. Treat yourself to something old for your kitchen. You won’t regret it.

Most of all, have fun with your choices. Pick what "feels like you" and use your things wisely and prominently. Do you already have great vintage or antique pieces? I'd love to hear about it.

Talk soon,



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