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A Walkthrough of Combining Vintage and Modern Styling

If you love it in your soul, it can never be out of style.

The quote above is something I featured on my instagram page not too long ago. It's my own personal quote, and I promise you, if you hold true to it, your home will always feel happy for you.

My favorite past time; combining vintage and modern styles in interior design. The juxtaposition of old and new adds a unique character to a room, giving it a sense of history and contemporary style at the same time. Successfully integrating these two styles requires careful planning, and here are some of my tips on how to create a harmonious blend of vintage and modern elements in any space.

The first step is to define which vintage elements you want to incorporate into your interior design. Retro furniture, antique décor pieces, and vintage art are only a few examples. However, too much of a good thing can be overwhelming, and adding too many vintage elements risks making your space look like a museum. Instead, consider choosing a few special vintage pieces that stand out and mix them with modern furniture, lighting, and accessories for a balanced look.  Yesssss.

When it comes to combining vintage and modern styles, color palettes are essential. I tend to opt for neutral backgrounds, such as beige or white, and then I add pops of vintage colors, like mustard yellows or emerald greens, throughout the space. This creates a harmonious balance between the old and new materials. Pay attention to texture and pattern as well. Mixing a vintage rug with a streamlined modern sofa can create a cozy and contemporary vibe at the same time!

Another way to harmoniously blend vintage and modern styles is by emphasizing contrasts in your design.  I love contrast, as we know.  A vintage chandelier can look fantastic when paired with sleek modern furniture. This contrast can make each element stand out in its way, creating a unique and eye-catching look that is both vintage and modern. A modern lamp could also be paired with an antique floor mirror or vintage artwork to create a similar contrast.

When you combine these elements, remember that lighting plays a crucial role in highlighting the vintage and modern mix. Good lighting can create an ambiance in the room and highlight different elements of your design. For instance, modern pendant lighting can be used with a vintage table setting to create a timeless and modern space. Good lighting should also showcase texture and detail while creating a warm ambiance in the room.

Mixing vintage and modern pieces can be united through cohesive styling. Add finishing touches, such as art, textiles, or accessories, that work together to create a harmonious style. Strive for a mix of design elements that show the beauty of vintage and modern design combined, and avoid too much clutter that will make the space appear overloaded.  Find common veins like a colour that presents itself in both your vintage and modern pieces.  That is a good tie to bind them.

I really believe that combining vintage and modern styles in interior design consists of carefully selecting and balancing various design elements. Consider the vintage pieces you want to add, opt for a neutral base, highlight contrasts, use good lighting, and create cohesive styling. This combination creates a unique and stylish space that blends today's and yesterday's aesthetics. Mixing up both styles makes for an interior space that is both comfortable, enigmatic, and elegant. Triple win!



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